Mansour Forouzesh
Independent filmmaker
Director | Producer

Mansour Forouzesh, an Iranian filmmaker and photographer, has produced and directed narrative short films, documentaries, and feature films, along with ads and commercial videos since 2005.
Mansour’s films have been featured in more than 70 film festivals worldwide, including renowned events like the Fajr International Film Festival and the Cork International Film Festival. Notably, he has served as a jury member in various film festivals, such as the Portuguese FEST New Directors, New Films Festival, the Malta Short Film Festival, and the Iranian Fajr International Film Festival.
Beyond his cinematic endeavors, Mansour has led numerous master classes in Iran, Hungary, and the United Kingdom, emphasizing cinematic dramaturgy and scriptwriting. 
Furthermore, Mansour has taken on the translation of “Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of The Soul” from English to Persian, a project scheduled for publication by the Iranian Soureh Cinema Publishing House.
His passion for photography dates back to 2010. As an independent photographer, Mansour finds fascination in capturing the interplay between humanity and its environment, inviting viewers to discover meaning in his photographs. His ongoing project, [IN]VISIBLE Meaning Photography, explores metaphorical depth across various photography genres and has been showcased in solo exhibitions in Iran and Hungary. Remarkably, this personal artistic endeavor also serves as his doctoral thesis at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
Currently, Mansour is working on his original feature film project “JACKSTONES” in collaboration with the London-based production company Bart Films. Simultaneously, he is deeply focused in his curated [UN]DISCOVERED Photography Project, a vital component of his overarching [In]visible Meaning Photography Project.

MOVIES | 2005-2022

When I Killed the Cat
منصور فروزش زمزمه های گمشده در دوردست Lost whispers in the distance by Mansour Forouzesh
Lost Whispers in the Distance
A Few Knots Away
The Hose