Mansour Forouzesh

Iranian independent filmmaker

Director | Producer

Mansour Forouzesh is an Independent filmmaker. He has produced and directed 6 narrative short films, 10 short documentaries, 3 feature documentaries.

Mansour’s movies have participated in more than 50 film festivals around the world including Fajr International Film Festival, Cork international film festival, religion today film festival, etc.

As a jury member, he had the task of choosing among the competing films and awarding official prizes, including “26th International Fadjr Film Festival (2009)” and “5th International Malta Short Film Festival (2013)”, “FEST new directors new films festival” and several local film and photo festivals.

Forouzesh has written a book and contributed to several magazines and websites with a focus on reviewing and analyzing films and books. Mansour also has translated “BATMAN and Philosophy, The Dark Knight of The Soul” from English into Persian. It will be published by Sooreh Cinema Publication, the Iranian publication in the field of cinema.

MOVIES | 2005-2022

When I Killed the Cat
Lost Whispers in the Distance
A Few Knots Away
The Hose