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A Few Knots Away
A film by Mansour Forouzesh

Logline: Today, Hajj Habib has died and his son Hashem who left the island many years ago has come to take his father’s body out of the island.

Synopsis: The island where Hashem grew up has been facing various problems for years. Famine, war, and old disputes have caused many people to migrate from the island. There was always a serious struggle between the people of the island between the two groups. One group is those who want to leave the island to find a better life, and the other is those who consider this island as their homeland and want to stay

there despite all the calamities. Haj Habib, one of the elders of the island, has died today. Hashem, the son of Haj Habib, who is one of those who left the island for a better life, came to the island to attend the funeral of his father. Hashem’s arrival is not an ordinary one, he has decided to take his father’s body to the port so that he has no affiliation with the island.
Hashem’s decision is opposed by Hashem’s sister, but she is determined to do so. Eventually, despite the opposition of his sister and Babazar, who is the elder of the island, Hashem takes the body to the sea to go to the port by ship, but he encounters a stormy sea.

Director's Statement

In this story, we see characters whose “geographical determinism” has caused them to live in a corner of the world where the main and most trivial issue is security. In fact, the uncertainty and the lack of minimum living conditions have made them consider migrating from this island. 

However, the problem is not so simple. Emigrating from where people belong is not a leisurely journey, but one that involves passing through all the attachments they have and have had in their homeland. For someone to migrate, these attachments are a fundamental challenge. In our story, Hashem is the one who wants to transfer his attachment – his father’s body – to somewhere on the other side of the sea. But it seems that in addition to the people of the island, nature does not agree with his decision.


Reza Sheikhansari as Hashem

Mojdeh Daie as Atiye

Amir Ghafari as Babazar

Our Story

The production of the short film “A Few Knots Away” posed a serious challenge due to the diverse climatic conditions required in the script. As a result, we had to select locations that closely resembled the island in the story. The island is fictional, as the author intended to avoid common stereotypes associated with Iranian islands. Most of the Iranian islands are located in the south of Iran and in the Persian 

Gulf where it never snows. However, in the story, there were scenes depicting snowy weather and the cold conditions faced by the protagonist. Thus, we had to find locations in the north. Finally, due to the needs of the story, the short film was shot in three different regions with a distance of more than a thousand kilometers.

Unique images of Ali Kazemi who had a history

of working with the director for more than ten years, along with the actors’ performances in this film, provided high-quality raw materials for the editing table. 

Finally, after a year of production, we managed to complete the final editing in September 2017. Only two months later, the film was screened at the Cork International Film Festival in Ireland.


Ali Kazemi


Reza Keshavarz


Mehdi Rezai

Production Manager

Mahmoud Moosavi

Sound Designer

Ashkan Fattahi

Sound Engineer

Meysam Pourjafari

Assistant Director



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