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Mansour Forouzesh


Mansour Forouzesh


Mansour Forouzesh is an Independent filmmaker. He has produced and directed 6 narrative short films, 10 short documentaries, 3 feature documentaries. He has also produced 7 commercial videos for cultural and industrial companies such as Amirkabir publications, Kharawzmi International Festival, Szeged international guitar festival, Budapest international photo festival, and Sina Bank.


As a jury member, he had the task of choosing among the competing films and awarding official prizes, including "26th International Fadjr Film Festival (2009)" and "5th International Malta Short Film Festival (2013)", "FEST new directors new films festival" and several local film and photo festivals.


Forouzesh has written a book and contributed to several magazines and websites with a focus on reviewing and analyzing films and books. He has just

finished his first book, which will be published in 2020. The book is written over the course of 3 years of research on almost seventy Persian and English sources. The book's main idea is to investigate the Ideas in Cinema with the eastern and western comparative perspectives on storytelling.


He also has translated “BATMAN and Philosophy, The Dark Knight of The Soul” from English into Persian. It will be published by Sooreh Cinema Publication, the most important Iranian publication in the field of cinema.


When I Killed the Cat

23 minutes | UK, HU, IR

Lost Whispers in the Distance

60 minutes | IR

A Few Knots Away

15 minutes | IR