Fear | 2020

Covid19 Pandemic in Our Everyday Life

FEAR | 2020

Covid19 Pandemic in our Everyday Life



The Fear Photo Collection is a collection of 11 photos taken during quarantine days. This collection highlights the impact of media and news related to the Coronavirus in our everyday life. Next to all photos, we see a header written by important international media. These photos and news together well illustrate the influence of the media on human beings.

Different products of the several countries are involved with this pandemic since the economic situation is suffering worldwide. Individuals’ sensitivity to the commodity-producing countries may lead to a prejudice towards FOREIGNERS in the future. For example, people may wash the pack of coffee which has made in Italy more than an imported banana from Indonesia, and it could be an alarm for the Post-Coronavirus Period.

In addition, the words that the politicians are using in their everyday speech would influence on the lives of the majority of people. 

Although the media’s efforts throughout the world make a collective awareness, however, this awareness can be transformed into a social and universal fear in the times of this social problem. The fear is more common in the supermarkets of the developed countries than in the poor or middle class one. This collection is a sort of thought which want to make a bridge between the worldwide crisis, media and daily life. 

In the situation that the whole world must all stand together to overcome this issue, fear can be a key factor in other long-term problems.


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